Trip to the Hospital

I miss the old times that my best friend Ray and I used to share. We used to wake up at 5am every day to practice cycling. It took us about three to four hours a day to circle around Houston, Texas or even other neighboring cities whenever we still have the urge to do so. I have had a number of unexplained bruising during my career as a cyclist. I do not know what happened because I was just too focused on my goal that every time that I went to train, I always try to beat my personal record. I often get bruises on my legs and arms, but I often ignored them because they did not hurt as much or maybe I just have a high tolerance for pain. My father, Jerry noticed my bruises and he asked me about how I got them, and I told him that I did not have any clue on how and where I got them. He told me that I should be checked up, as they may be symptoms of something bigger. Even though that I was reluctant to get examined, I don’t want him to worry so I agreed. He told me that he could come with me tomorrow as he had time in the morning.

In the morning, we went directly to the hospital after breakfast. Unfortunately, there were too many people waiting in line for the doctor to see them so I just told my father that I will get myself examined later. I told him that he shouldn’t get too worried because I don’t feel anything bad about my body. He did not believe that I am going for an examination so to make sure; he contacted Ray to accompany me. Ray agreed to accompany me while my father went home because he told me he needed to finish his chores.

I just hang out on a nearby coffee shop across the hospital. I ordered my favorite mocha latte while I wait for Ray. After a few minutes, Ray arrived and he found it funny that my father made him go with me like he had no other choice but to give in. I told him that my father is really like that, sometimes too assertive for my liking but it does the job done. After finishing our coffees, we went back to the clinic. I waited for a few minutes for my name to be called and finally, the doctor is going to examine me. He introduced himself as Dr. Johnson and he seems nice. He interviewed me before examining me. I told him many details about my daily routine. He finds it excellent that I always have time to train because he shared that he used to want to be a cyclist, but he chose a different path. Anyway, he stated that I needed to go into the laboratory to have a complete blood workup. He suspects that I have a very low RBC because I always get up very early in the morning and it points to Iron deficiency anemia. He added that people with that usually bruises quickly, even with small, soft bumps. He told me that I do not need to worry that much because I just need to eat more iron rich foods and take daily supplements to treat my condition.