Trip to the Dentist

I have a niece who always comes to visit my dad and me during summer. Her name is Georgia and she is already 10 years old. I noticed that she is growing bigger and taller every visit. I think that in a few years’ time, she will eventually be taller than I am. She also has a bit of a problem with her teeth. Her mother, Aunt Lisa asked me a favor. She needs me to find Georgia a good orthodontist in our area because the doctor in their town is not that good. She even heard rumors of malpractice about the doctor. I told her that I‘d ask around for a good orthodontist. I remember that our neighbor’s kid, Mark used to have braces so I will try to ask him when I see him around.

I was walking my dog, Boom around our neighborhood and fortunately, I saw Mark across the street. I called him and I asked him if he still has a contact number of his old orthodontist. I also asked him if his doctor was good because I need a good one for my niece, Georgia. He told me that her mom still has the doctor’s number and he will gladly get it for me later after his errands.

When I got home after an hour, my dad told me that someone called and left an orthodontist’s number. He added that he wrote on a piece of paper beside the phone. I called Aunt Lisa and told her the good news. She was thrilled that I already have a good orthodontist. She asked me if it is okay for me to accompany Georgia for a dental check-up. She shared that she really planned to have her treated here in our place during her summer vacation. I agreed that it is a perfect time to start her treatment. I told her that it is okay for me to assist her because I do not have much to do this summer. I called the doctor’s number and asked for his updated clinic address. I learned that it is just across the coffee shop that I frequent with my best friend Ray. I booked an appointment for my niece the next day, so she can be treated as soon as possible.

The next day, Georgia and I went to the clinic for his appointment. The doctor introduced himself as Dr. Harden. He examined her teeth and told me that she really needs braces. He told us that she needs spacers for braces for the molar bands to have space to put in her teeth. She also needs a few teeth extractions. He added that she would experience gum pain as they proceed with the treatment because the braces will pull and push her teeth until they are in their proper places. He also mentioned that he could start with the treatment as soon as we submit Georgia’s panoramic X-ray and pictures for before and after comparisons.

I love that the doctor explained to my niece the steps of her treatment, so she would never be surprised with what he is going to do with her. I told Georgia’s mom about it and she thanked me for all my help. She added that she is just going to wire me the money for her daughter’s initial payment for the treatment.