Do Not Overdo It

Since the beginning of summer, I have spent my days training my dogs and also keeping my niece Georgia, company. I really enjoy spending time with her as I always have someone to keep me company on errands because my dad was always busy tending to our farming business. We often get ice cream after errands and she loves it. Her favorite flavor is Cherry Garcia, as she can always finish a tub of it in one sitting. At first, I found it adorable and funny, but after a few days, she suffered diarrhea in toddlers. I was worried about her, and she told me that I should not worry because she was actually suffering toddler constipation and that made me laugh. I asked if she was serious and she really was, but I still cannot help and find it amusing. She explained that her mom, Aunt Julie specifically instructed her to eat more ice cream to cure her of the condition. I told her that I understand what she tried to do, but I reminded her not to do it in excessive ways, as I cannot afford her to have to go to the comfort room every couple of minutes. I also explained that she would suffer severe dehydration if she keeps doing it.

diarrhea in toddlersMy niece told me that it has been her problem for the last couple of months, and her mom wants her to visit a doctor, but she was scared. I asked her if she wanted to be examined because I am free to accompany her anytime. I also told her that she should not be frightened because I will be always at her side, every step of the way. I was surprised that she agreed and I told her that we would go to the doctor the next day.

Dr. Townsend is the most sought after pediatrician in our town because she is good with kids. Georgia and I went to the clinic early to avoid heavy patient lines and we were fortunate that we were the first ones who arrived. I asked the receptionist if there are booked appointments and I was told that there was none. Georgia’s name was called instantly and we were invited inside the doctor’s office. The doctor is really pretty; she has a gorgeous blonde hair and beautiful round, blue eyes. Anyway, she cordially introduced herself to my niece and asked her about her condition. After a couple of minutes, the doctor gathered her thoughts and told my niece that she should eat more fiber rich foods like vegetables, whole grains and fruits to prevent constipation. She also reminded her that it is okay to eat ice cream once in a while, and try not to overdo it, as it will cause her diarrhea. My niece told her that she likes eating carrots and cabbage so it was a good start. The doctor also advised her to drink lots of water than her usual intake to soften her stools. My niece is so relieved that she did not have to undergo any exams or tests. We went home and I told her remember what the doctor told her.