Not Doing that Again

I am currently spending my time in and around the house for the time being. I had to do it because my wound from my previous injury seems to act up again and I do not know why. It has been ages since I got this thing but it does flare up from time to time, especially after I exerted myself purposely, which apparently I did the other day trying to outrun a little kid.

It was supposed to be a joke between me and the kid and nothing serious, we were just monkeying around the park and the kid decided to have a run for it. Certainly I have to give chase as that was the purpose of the game so I ran as fast as I can to overtake him, all the while not really minding the repercussions that such physical activity could bring.

I did eventually outrun the kid but I collapsed into a heap after the event. When I was getting up I felt a sharp pain travel through my legs and then I remembered that such activities are frowned upon with my current condition, but I just brushed it aside.

Nighttime didn’t offer any solace as I found myself unable to move due to a stiffly frozen leg. A couple of days of house arrest and the best yoga DVD playing continuously on the player did offer some semblance of relief, as I was able to move around the house a little bit, though pain is apparent, but on a lesser degree than the first day. Maybe I should do yoga more frequently.

My brief stint inside the house did offer my mom some much needed help in the household department, as it was I whom she tasked to do several things that need doing. Computing the utility bills, answering emails, preparing lunch and dinner, drying the dishes type of things and nothing physically exerting was what she made me do.

The biggest project I did was that of installing the brand new water filter that my mom bought the other day. She said it was for our water safety and added that it was the best reverse osmosis system available in the market today and that I should be really careful in handling it.

After an eye roll, I did manage to install the thing easily. Good thing I was pretty good at reading instructions but it did offer some sort of resistance especially when I was hooking it under the sink. I can’t really move my legs to its full range of motion so I ended up doing it while lying down on my back.

Well it has been a fun couple of days for me, all the pain notwithstanding. I did also get to update my blog and several social sites that need updating. I helped around the house as much I could, which made my mom really happy, and I also learned my lesson pretty well. Next time that kid runs, I’m turning the other way.