Moving on to a New Venture

Since I could not compete in cycling competitions ever again, I diverted my attention to my other hobby and it is all about taking care of my dogs. I currently have three of them, a boxer mix named Boom, a black and white Husky Pomeranian named Alex and lastly, my Yorkie Poodle named Butters. I remember when I was searching for a new toy dog, I was not really planning to buy a breed such of Butters, and I was set on getting a Bichon Poodle instead. However, when I saw Butters, I quickly fell in love with her because she was so friendly and cuddly. All the time that I was playing with her, she was wagging her tails off and I found it adorable. I happily brought her home and she seemed to like her new place.

Taking good care of my three dogs is a very tedious task, but at the same time very enjoyable one for me. I always see to it that I bathe them every other day depending on their scents and I groom them twice a month to keep them looking healthy. I love grooming Boom and Alexa, but with Butters, I really hated it because I also needed to trim her hair opposed with the other two dogs with just simple nail cutting, combing hair and checking their skin for mites and other parasites. I also train them for hours to make them more disciplined pets. Ray told me that it could be another career that I could venture in and I think that it is a good idea, but I think that I still need to polish my training skills and acquire more patience in dealing with pets.

One day, Ray and Mika brought their bichpoo named Princess and they wanted their dog to socialize with mine. We let them play in their large pen without their leashes and they had excellent time as I saw them wagging their tails throughout the day. I remembered what Ray told me that I can train other dogs for a fee and I thought of practicing with their dog. I know that it is easier with my dogs because they already know that I am their owner, but I was not sure if other dogs will also obey my orders. I asked them if their dog already knows any tricks and they told me that she does not know a thing. They just keep her running around their house and she sometimes messes up their carpet with peeing and pooping over it. That gave me an idea on what to train her first.

I called Princess then she came towards me wagging her tails, and I thought to myself that it was a fairly good start. I fed her with dog food and water and she liked it. I waited for minutes until I noticed that she was sniffing and squatting around the area. I took her in an area where I want her to poop and she did. I asked Ray and Mika if their dog could stay for a few days so I can always do that every day and see if my ways are effective. I am glad that they agreed. I hope that I can train her in just a few days so I can help my friends. In turn, they are also helping me to practice so I can decide whether I can take my dog training to a new level like starting a dog training service.