Little Bundle of Joy

Ray’s baby sister, Julie got married two years ago and she and her husband have been trying to get pregnant. It took them two years to make one and they are so thankful that they finally did it. Ray mentioned to me that her sister has been planning on how she can properly tell their parents that she is finally pregnant and she wants Ray to help her. He asked me if I know things about pregnancy announcement ideas because he does not have any clue about it. He reminded me not to tell anyone as it is only Julie, her husband, Ray and I knew about it.

I told him that I know a few ideas, mostly from my other friends who announced their pregnancies on social media accounts by tagging all their friends with a picture of a baby or something like that. Ray told me that their parents do not know how to use a computer and does not plan to learn ever so we need another plan. After a few minutes of brainstorming, I told him that it should be an old school way of telling them and it is by just simply put a bun in their oven at home and then make a story on why they want their mom to see the oven. Ray was so excited with my plans. He added that her sister just needed to tell their mom that she cooked something for her and their mom would be so delighted to see what she cooked. Her sister does not know how to cook that is why their mom is going to be interested to see what is in store for her.

Ray and I went to their home to meet Julie. He told her about our idea and she was so happy that we solved her problem. She shared that she is already 2 months pregnant and is still experiencing nausea and vomiting every morning. I asked her if she already got herself examined, as maybe she needs medicines to pacify some of her symptoms. After a few minutes, she excused herself from us because she needs to puke in the sink. I told Ray that it is weird that she is living with her parents and they do not notice her symptoms. He told me that their parents are quite busy handling their farm and they just see each other every night.

Julie returned and she smelled like minty fresh, reminiscent of a mouthwash. Ray noticed it too, and teased her that she do not need a mouthwash to cease her symptoms and we all laughed. She shared that she is having so much stress, as this is her first baby. I told her that there are free monthly seminars about pregnancy and taking care of babies at our local community hospital that she and her husband can attend. I added that I have accompanied a friend of mine there a few months ago and they tackled many things like the signs and symptoms of the three trimesters of pregnancy, pregnancy hypertensions, and even newborn hiccups. She thanked me about my information and she will tell her husband about it later. She also added that she would update me on how well the things go about her announcement.