Eating for Two

Mika, my best friend’s girlfriend recently told me that she thinks that she is pregnant. I asked her if Ray already knows about it and she told me that she does not know how to tell him. I told her that she should tell him right away because it is his baby too. I also do not want Ray to feel left out because I was the first one to know that her girlfriend is pregnant. I added that there are no ways of properly telling your boyfriend that he got you pregnant. I contacted Ray right away and told him to meet Mika because they need to talk about something serious. They met up in the fast food restaurant that they always go often. Ray arrived and he saw me with Mika. I moved to another table to give them some privacy. When Ray learned that she was pregnant, he was really happy with it. He kept saying that he is going to be a good father for his kid, unlike his father who just left him and her mother.

As usual, the three of us hang in my home. Our topic that day was Mika’s pregnancy. She made up a silly game called How many weeks am I pregnant.   I guessed that she is already on her second week while Ray thought that she is on her third week. She laughed and told us that we both guessed wrong because she is already on her 4th week. Ray and Mika are already planning the things that they will do. I asked her when was the last time that she had herself examined. She told me that she just came from the obgynecologist yesterday and she is in a really good condition. I asked them if they already know the gender of their baby and I was told that they just want it to be a surprise. They both joked that I just need to give them baby gifts with neutral colors to suit a baby girl or a baby boy.

Mika shared that she did not experience signs of implantation like cramping and bleeding. She just got surprised when her period was delayed for over a few days and she decided to buy a pregnancy kit from a pharmacy. After just a few seconds, she already knew the result. She took three kits to be sure and she was right. She was indeed a future mommy. She thanked both Ray and me for being so supportive in her time of need. She felt that Ray was not going to be happy that she is carrying their child. Ray hugged her and told her that she should not think like that because whatever happens, he will always be at her side.

I reminded Mika and Ray to take necessary precautions in taking care of their baby. I suggested that they have a visit with the doctor at least every month to see Mika’s and the baby’s condition. Ray told me that they are planning to go the next day to the doctor.