Birthday Present

Mika, Ray’s girlfriend became close to me over the years because we always hang out. We used to go train together. Ray and Mika still go cycling from time to time because they are planning to enter Tour de France next year and I fully support them in their dreams. We always hang after they train.

hedgehogs as petsRecently, when we were hanging out at my place, Mika invited me to go to her nephew’s birthday this coming weekend. I asked her about how old is he this coming weekend and I was told that he is going to be five years old. I also asked about what gift I could bring her nephew and she told me that my presence is enough as we both laughed heartily. When Mika left, I asked Ray about what can I bring the birthday boy and he shared that he planned to get him two hedgehogs as pets because he is fond of animals. He mentioned that he will be going to the local pet shop tomorrow and if I want to, I could accompany him and possibly, get a gift too. I agreed and I told him that we just meet at the shop at 10am tomorrow.

I got to the shop earlier than Ray so I browsed on the available pets inside the shop. I saw the hedgehogs and they seem to be quite good pets to have in the house. They look so cute and cuddly and I am sure that Mika’s nephew will really enjoy taking care of them. A sales clerk talked to me and asked me if I need anything. I told him that I am waiting for a friend who is planning to buy a hedgehog as a birthday gift for a kid. He inquired if I also need to buy a gift as they also have hedgehog cages on sale. I find his suggestion very useful and then I saw Ray walking towards me. He talked to the same sales clerk that I was talking to earlier and he inquired about the hedgehogs that he is planning to buy. I told Ray that I already have a gift for the birthday boy. He asked about what gift am I going to buy and I told him that I plan to get him cages for his hedgehog. He laughed and told me that he was going to suggest me the same thing.

The sales clerk educated us a bit about them. He shared that hedgehogs are well-behaved, active and playful animals and they do not bite, but they can if they are severely threatened. They just need insects and fresh water every day. They can occasionally be given raw foods like slices of lettuce or carrots. He added that when frightened, they usually curl up to a ball and their spikes stand out so we should be wary about that. They also should not be petted on their quills or spikes because they do not like them so much. It will only give them stress that they do not need. We thanked the sales clerk for educating us about the pet that we bought. We hope that Mika’s nephew will enjoy what we are going to give him this weekend.