Baby Steps

Ray and Mika have already been doing many things to prepare for their unborn child like childproofing their home and accumulating as much knowledge as they could about pregnancy to be more prepared. Mika has been already in her third month of her first trimester and she is so sick of her everyday random symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and frequent urinating. It is really taking a toll on her as Ray told me that she is so moody all the time and he does not get it because she always gets mad at him for nothing. I reminded him that women are supposed to be like that when they are pregnant because they have overactive hormones to deal with. I added that he should try his best to understand what she is going through because that is hard to undergo alone. Always try to support her because only he can do that for her. He thanked and he agreed with me.

Ray also mentioned that they attended a seminar regarding pregnancy. Mika was the one who wanted to go, as she was scared and terrified that they might do something wrong because, in fact, it is her first time to have a baby. They sat through endless hours of lectures and he added that she was listening thoroughly the whole time as she was also jotting down important notes on a notebook. The lecturer introduced herself as Dr Kampmann and she is an Obgynecologist in our city. She told them that it is normal to fear the unknown because after all, we are just humans, but it does not mean that we cannot do something about it. We need to be curious to overcome that fear and that is where the seminar comes in. She thanked all the participants and she mentioned that she saw some familiar faces and also some new ones.

Dr. Kampmann started the seminar with jokes about the birds and the bees and that made people laugh, that maybe she was trying to break the ice. She talked about lots of things like the three trimesters of pregnancy and their corresponding signs and symptoms. Ray is so excited that the first trimester is almost over as the doctor told them that the second trimester is going to be the best part of the pregnancy because the mother’s mood will come back to normal. There will be no symptoms like nausea and vomiting that will not make Mika irate as ever. The doctor then tackled subjects like the expected due dates, signs of being in labor, and how to care for newborn babies. She mentioned that it is wise to breastfeed babies as they need the nutrients of it, but she also warned us about the foods to avoid while breastfeeding like coffee and alcohol, as they will disrupt normal sleeping patterns of the baby. She added that it is possible to have her period while breastfeeding so do not be alarmed, she refer me to for more information.

Knowing is always half the battle. I applaud my friends as they keep their heads up high on dealing with pregnancy. I know it is going to be hard and I assure them that I will always be there, every step of the way.