About Me

www.lowcountryvwracing.comHi there! My name is Robert Haskell. I am part of a cycling team and love to travel all around the world. I have literally been to all of the 50 states in the Country. Also, I have been to all major countries such as Europe, Asia, South America and The Middle East.

I have always been fascinated with cycling at a very young age. My dad and I grew up in the countryside outside of a farm. My mom divorced my dad when I was at a young age. That time I was only three years old. So, I spent most of my childhood with my dad cycling at our farm and local town over the weekends. It was our father and son time. I think that is why as I grew older, I grew a stronger love and passion for cycling. It reminds me of the fun times that my dad and I had when I was young. In High school, I was also part of the local cycling club and often entered into competitive races. I won numerous awards and was told that I had a natural gift. I chose not to go to college because I want to make a living as a professional cyclist. My best friend and I would train every day and enter into many competitive cycling races. We made a pretty decent living for over 2 years. Our winnings combined for the both of us was over six figures. Until one day, I seriously injured myself at one of the races and cannot compete professionally ever again. I was so depressed and down for over a year because I could not do what I love.

However, with the support of my friends and family, I got back up and now created a blog online about competitive cycling. Even though I cannot compete anymore, I can write about my experiences and share it with you all!