A New Lease on Life

Now that I can’t do all the things I used to do, I spend my time trying very hard to find ways on how I can at least do something productive and profitable. One thing that I am now currently pursuing is that area which dabbles in taking pictures of things, photography, and I am feeling something good happening with it.

You see all I know about earning money always have to include a racing bicycle in the picture, but now that I can’t really do it anymore, it is kind of really hard to introduce myself to do other stuff. But the good news is that I am now open for suggestions, unlike in the past where I just brush things to one side, all the while thinking that I could heal myself somehow and ride a bike again. Well so much for that.

Well it all started when my mom gave me a cool DSLR camera for my birthday and said that it would help me greatly in my recovery. I did not know what she meant back then but now I think I do. It was supposed to aid me in getting over riding my bike and introduce to me something new which I could fall in love with.

It came with the best camera bag and the best travel tripod that money can buy. Mom surely did not skimp on those items that she bought for me and I can tell. It also made me a little guilty if I didn’t cared any for it, like what I used to do with the other stuff she gave me, because those things costs so much. So picking between my feelings and mom’s, I relented and chose the latter as I loved her very much.

I tried fiddling around with it but it was complex enough for me to want to just sleep on it the first time. I also tried watching videos about it in the internet, hoping that I could learn something valuable and important, and I actually did learn how to operate it.

I brought it out of the house and started shooting at random things, birds, trees, leaves on a tree, cars, dogs, and anything and everything that crossed my sight. I was also amazed about the zooming capabilities of the thing that I zoomed in on everything. I went home with a full memory and an empty battery, so I guess I was on the right track.

Mom also tasked me to shoot the best pack n play that was available at the mall today and to ask what their prices were. She said it was for a friend who is currently searching for the said item for her child to use. But I know mom volunteered for it so that I could put my camera to good use.

Now here I am at a sort of crossroad to my still young life and I have my mom to thank for it. Now I love this thing and I wouldn’t have known it was possible if it weren’t for her. Thank you very much mom, I love you very much.